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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply my SYC skin?
The SYC skin comes with full instructions as to how it should be applied to your golf club. In addition to this there is a demonstration video of the process involved which can be viewed by clicking on the APPLICATION page on the above menu. We also include a blank skin with each SYC skin purchased to allow you a ‘practice swing’ and familiarise yourself with the process before you apply your customised skin. If you have any further questions on how to apply your SYC skin please contact us and we will be happy to help!

Your SYC skin is made from a uniquely designed material, similar to that used to wrap cars after manufacturing. The material is very malleable and supple allowing the skin to be gently stretched across the surface of you club, smoothing out any wrinkles or air bubbles as you go. Be careful not to over-stretch or tear the skin during this process. If wrinkles or bubbles appear during the application process simply lift up that section and reapply. If necessary when the skin is lifted you can apply heat to the adhesive side using a hair dryer for no more than 5-10 seconds. Ensure that you reapply the skin immediately after applying the heat, taking care when using your fingers to reapply the heated skin as the material will be hot. During the life of the SYC skin there may be small wrinkles that appear around the edge of the skin. These can be smoothed out by applying heat to the skin and pressing down on the wrinkles. If necessary, further heat can be applied to secure the position of the skin.

Will my SYC skin protect my club?
One of the main reasons the SYC skin was developed was as a form of protection for drivers, fairway woods and hybrid clubs. These clubs are usually one of most expensive investments a golfer can make but they regularly suffer from everyday scratches and/or sky marks which damage the aesthetic nature of the club and decrease its re-sale or trade-in value. Whilst SYC do not guarantee the skin will completely protect your club, it will serve as a layer of protection between the top surface of the club and your golf tee or ball as well as other clubs. The skin’s vinyl will help limit any damage caused when you scratch your club or sky your ball. Whilst over time, sky marks and scratches may be evident on the skin, this is preferable to them appearing on the club itself as the skin can easily and affordably be replaced, protecting the integrity of your club and its value!

How long will my SYC skin last?
The life of the skin is obviously dependent on the correct application and proper maintenance, therefore SYC cannot guarantee a specific length of time that an individual skin will adhere to a club. However, the SYC skin is designed to be semi-permanent. This means that should you choose a skin to be used for a one-off event, it can be removed at the end of a single round, allowing you to customise your image every time you play should you wish. Alternatively if you would like to use your skin for the entire season, the adhesive is strong enough to last for months. The choice is yours!

Will water damage my SYC skin?
To ensure the proper application and maintenance of your SYC skin, please ensure that the adhesive side of the skin does not come into contact with water. Water will damage the adhesive properties of the skin and reduce its ability to adhere to the club. To clean the club head simply use a damp cloth as submerging a club to which a skin is applied in water can alter or damage the skin or club.

How do I remove my SYC skin?
Your SYC skin can be easily removed by lifting one of the edges of the skin away from the club surface, ideally starting at the toe of the club and peeling backwards towards the shaft. SYC does not recommend that you re-use the skin once it has been completely removed as it will not fit the club correctly and the design may become stretched or distorted. If adhesive residue remains on the club surface after the skin has been removed simply wipe the club down with a damp cloth.

Will the adhesive cause damage to my club?
The adhesive used in the SYC skin is the same adhesive used in the car manufacturing industry to wrap and protect vehicles as well as several other industries and it is therefore consistently used on metals and should not cause any harm to the surface of your club. Please be aware that if your club has loose or chipped paint when the skin is applied, the adhesive may lift some of that loose or chipped paint when the skin is removed.

Delivery times/shipping costs?
SYC are happy to offer free standard postage for UK deliveries. The basic cost of postage to European destinations will be added at time of purchase. Delivery times will depend on whether your chosen design is in stock in which case it will take 3-5 working days for shipping to the UK. If your chosen design is not in stock then please allow 5-7 workings days for your skin to be printed and shipped. If you have any specific queries regarding your order and the associated delivery times and shipping costs then please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Can I purchase these skins from anywhere apart from SYC?
SYC hold the Europe-wide patent for these skins and it is therefore illegal for them to be sold in the UK and Europe by anyone other than SYC. If you have any queries regarding this or would to know more about becoming a distributor of SYC skins then please contact us for more information.