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About Us

First and foremost, we at SYC are passionate about the game of golf!

It is our passion for the game that has given birth to the concept behind SYC. Every golfer can relate to the frustrations of mishitting an occasional shot and leaving scratch marks or chips on the clubs we have invested heavily in. Sometimes even just accidental collisions with other clubs or objects can cause the same damage. Either way, that damage affects the aesthetic integrity and reduces the re-sale or trade-in value of the club. So we started thinking of ways to prevent this and how we could protect our clubs. Thus the SYC protective skin was developed.

Likewise, each and every golfer wants to look good whilst on the course. The industry has become synonymous with a colourful and uniquely flamboyant style of dress which has grown increasingly fashionable. At the same time the corporate world has been shown to appreciate the value of the golfing industry and the sponsorship opportunities that it offers. Therefore, as well as looking for a way to protect our clubs we began to think about how to customise the skins we produced allowing them to be personalised or used to promote and advertise virtually anything we wanted to. Hence SYC was born and here we are today!

We believe golf should be fun – our skins can be used to add creativity, style, flair and fun to our image on the course whilst simultaneously providing a cost-effective way of protecting our equipment or bringing a fresh lease of life to an old but faithful club! They can also be used to effectively strengthen your business brand or promote your company and/or event. The possibilities and opportunities are endless and we feel like we are just at the beginning of our journey – we hope you are part of that journey with us!

Happy golfing from the SYC team.